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Wild Leap Announces Expansion Into Spirits With Wild Leap Vodka

Wild Leap Vodka

Wild Leap Vodka


Wild Leap Brew Co in LaGrange is now a licensed distillery. They have just announced the launch of their first spirit, Wild Leap Vodka. It will be available in the tap room next week, and will launch into the LaGrange and Atlanta markets over the next few weeks.


From Wild Leap:

“Creating high-quality craft beer has always been our focus,” said Wild Leap CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Rodriguez. “Although we will continue to do so, we are excited to take that same approach to the spirits world.”

Wild Leap Vodka will be eight times distilled for a velvety smooth taste. Made from 100% yellow corn and carbon-filtered, the vodka will be both gluten-free and contain zero sugar. For the near future Wild Leap Vodka will be distilled offsite with the help of a partner. However, there are exciting plans in the works for an expansion in LaGrange, Georgia before the end of the year.

This addition will allow Wild Leap to add a liquor option to their taproom as well. They’ll be joining other local breweries in this trend such as Dry County, Second Self, Gate City, and Scofflaw. The menu will have vodka tonics, dirty martinis, Sunset Mules, Blueberry Basil Smash, Michelada and more.

About Wild Leap:

Something is brewing in historic downtown LaGrange. What was once the Westbrook Service & Tire Co. building has become the home of Wild Leap Brew Co., the first brewery to locate in LaGrange. Wild Leap features a tasting room, large event space and an outdoor beer garden that looks upon a downtown plaza.

The name Wild Leap speaks to the conviction of the two founders, who left successful career paths to follow their passion of creating a better-tasting craft beer. It’s also a nod to celebrating that important first step that sets a dream in motion. The founders hope it encourages others in the community to take their own “wild leaps.”

How To Visit: Wild Leap is available on our Private Custom Tours