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Orpheus Over and Over and Over – Seasonal Returns

Over and Over and Over

Orpheus Brewing Over and Over and Over, a favorite variant of Over and Over, will soon be hitting shelves. Orpheus plans to cycle the original version of the beer out and move this and other variants in. Over and Over and Over is a pineapple sour with added vanilla. Expect this release to drop in the coming weeks.Over and Over and Over


From the label:

The cycle of transmigration of souls could only be broken after the mysteries of the gods were revealed to Orpheus. Those mysteries have been lost to time, so enjoy your endless loop. We packed in as much pineapple as we could, then rounded it out with vanilla, for a beer you’ll want over and over and over.

Style: Fruited Sour
Availability: 12 oz Cans – Seasonal
ABV: 7.5%

How To Visit: Orpheus Brewing is available on our Private Custom Tours


About Orpheus Brewing:

Driven by the obsessive desire to package what can’t be harnessed — the fleeting perfection of indulgence and stories and laughter coming together — Orpheus Brewing began as the homebrew fantasy of trumpet-player-turned-brewmaster Jason Pellett. An introduction to Andrew Lorber helped turn this into more than a fantasy, and the doors opened Memorial Day 2014. With an early emphasis on sour beers and wild barrels, Atalanta was the first packaged sour beer in Georgia and Everything Lasts Forever was the first lambic process Méthode Traditionnelle 3-year blend in the Southeast. From sours, to IPA’s, to massive barrel-aged stouts, they’re always attempting to catch fleeting dreams just out of reach.