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Best End Brewpub Sets Opening Date – A First Look At The Build Out

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We were able to recently join Tim Schiavone, Best End’s founder and Director of Brewing Operations, to get a preview of his new brewpub Best End Brewing Co. Construction has mostly wrapped up, and beer has been placed in the tanks. The Grand Opening is set for September 20th. They will host several preview dinners the weekend before. Tickets for the preview events are on sale now at City Paper TicketsPicture of brewmaster


The brewery will be joining a few other local beverage friends in the Lee + White Development in the West End right on the Beltline. So have even recently dubbed this area as ‘Malt Disney World’. Monday Night Garage, Gouda Kombucha,  American Spirit Whiskey, Hop City, and Box Car beer bar have all opened in this booming area. Wild Heaven will also be joining soon, and the whole area is open container friendly. You can see the Westside Beltline from the restaurant


When we first entered we were blown away by the size of the place. Coming in at 17,500 square feet, the build out will be able to hold up to 300 guests.There will be large bar in the main room made from a shipping container. Then there will be a chef’s counter one room over with an open kitchen


The brewhouse will feature 2 separate systems. a 3 barrel pilot system and a 20 barrel primary. They will be flanked with five 20 barrel, one 60 barrel, and one 50 barrel brite tanks. And six 3 barrel fermentors for the pilot and four 20 barrels fermentors for the primary brewhouse.



Tim recently posted a statement on what beers to expect:

So lately I’ve received a variety of questions regarding the kind of beer that will be brewed here at Best End Brewing Company. While those that know me well know that I’m very light-hearted and love to joke, I wanted to take an opportunity to explain our vision in order to better convey my passion and direction for the beer at Best End.

So, what will we brew? Short Answer: Everything.

Here’s the long answer:

I began homebrewing at the end of 2008 right after I turned 21. As young as I am/was, I believe that I entered the industry at a very interesting time. I like to call it “amidst the pendulum swing.” Back then, homebrewing equipment was nowhere near the type sold today, Black IPAs were the new trend and the consumer was not nearly as informed as they are now. Fast forward to today. Brewing techniques and processes are easily accessible, Black IPAs have seemingly been forgotten and more consumers are brewing at home. Instead of brewing what a brewer likes to drink, I feel that we have crossed into a path where breweries are brewing out of fear where, instead of brewing what we’re most passionate about, we are brewing what’s trendy in order to avoid a struggle with possible failure. This causes me a world of anxiety.

My experience brewing with John Roberts of Max Lagers/The Bold Monk opened my eyes to the world of classic styles and true fermentation science/processes behind these great styles. To me, they are timeless and will remain in our industry regardless of where the pendulum falls. In regard to that pendulum, I believe we are now at its highest point. Flavors are no longer subtle but bold and in your face and small simplicities are overlooked or covered up with an abundance of non-essential beer ingredients. This industry is always changing and, as much as I believe we are about to see that pendulum on the backswing, we cannot be naive to the fact that it will always be swinging.

Best End has every intention of focusing on this pendulum as a whole vs. where it is at any point in time. As the Direction of Brewing Operations, I challenge myself to never brew out of fear or the fear that we will fail. The industry has historically shown that some failures have led to great successes and new discoveries. I have worked very hard at perfecting classic styles over my years within the industry and it will be all for naught if I fall victim to becoming pigeon-holed into brewing based on trends.

Regardless of any jokes I throw out there or shirts I may wear, I do love all styles of beer, including Hazy IPAs. I will forever respect any and all beer that is well made. I remind myself to have fun and occasionally even laugh at myself. Those who know me understand how easy that aspect is for me, but now is the time to switch gears and focus more on sharing my love of craft beer than catching laughs. I truly hope one day people will be just as enthusiastic about a very well made German Pilsner as they are a DDH Hazy IPA.

The last, and most important, element to share is that we are a brewpub. This means that in addition to beer, we will have craft cocktails, an all-natural wine program and a full service restaurant. Having the ability to innovate and collaborate creatively in this way makes me genuinely excited as a brewer. We have a 20BBL brewhouse with four fermenters and five serving tanks which will allow us to brew our core brands and have them pouring at our restaurant, as well as, our favorite retailers across the beautiful city of Atlanta. Our distribution model is to keep our presence relevant in the industry while enticing people to visit our pub. We also have a 3bbl pilot system with six corresponding fermenters allowing an opportunity to brew some classic styles we can enjoy without the commotion of can releases and marketing approvals.

I appreciate everyone for taking the time to read my vision for the brewing operations at Best End. I’m thrilled to leave you with a sneak peak of our house brands that will hit the market upon opening:

Anxiety Pilsner: A classic German style Pilsner brewed with Rye and American Hops giving this classic style an American twist. At 4.7%ABV, Anxiety Pils is sure to help you feel better about having more than 2 or 5

Lack of Focus IPA: an appropriately (and respectfully) hazed IPA. Lack of Focus showcases an intense hop profile from a blend of American and New Zealand hops and a very neutral grain bill to highlight the unique hop flavor. Unlike some Hazy IPAs, this beer does have a slight bitterness introduced into the boil.

Slippers Rye IPA: A classic West Coast IPA brewed with Rye. Bursting will bold American hops that are perfectly illustrated by a nice toasted malt flavor, we use Rye to accent the bitterness provided by a heavy does of hops at the beginning of the boil.

I look forward to sharing my love of craft beer with each and every one of you every day.


What to expect on the menu? From their Facebook:

Our beverage program includes house ales, pilsners, lagers, IPA’s, stouts, porters, sours & more. But why stop there? BE also offers lively craft cocktails, natural wines & tiki inspired favorites in our Chef’s Bar. Seasonal Milkshakes & slushies will also be flowing. Complimenting all the libations, will be a rounded food menu full of flavor, fresh fish, local meats & veggies, house cured meats & funky cheeses.