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January 9, 2015
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Terrapin French Toast Brunch at Napoleons
January 14, 2015

Orpheus Announces 2015 Seasonal Beer Lineup

Orpheus Brewing has announced their 2015 seasonal beer lineup:

Transmigration of Souls: end of February through August, cans and draft

Serpent Bite: around the end of March, 750s and limited draft

Bourbon Barrel-aged The 12th Labor: end of May (tentative), 750s and limited draft

Peace.War.Truth.Lie.: June-August, cans and limited draft

Wandering Blues: July, 750s and limited draft

Life.Death.Life.Truth.: September-February, cans and draft

Sykophantes: October, 750s and draft

The 12th Labor: December (probably), draft and maybe 750s

Depending on inventory and such, expect a couple one-offs as well.

Source: Reddit


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