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Georgia Craft Beer Celebration
November 13, 2015
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Celebrate Georgia Beer Day 2017!
January 26, 2017

Southern Beer Tour’s 2nd Anniversary Cask

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We have turned 2! Thanks to all that have come along for the ride. We look forward to many more years of being able to bring you, our guests, to more local breweries!

A couple of weeks ago we had an oppertunity to make a special beer cask with SweetWater for our upcoming Anniversary Tour on March 5th! We call it Ancho Basic Imperial Stout!

First we had to choose a base beer from SweetWater’s incredible lineup. They happened to have a fresh batch of their Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.

Next we had to decide what we wanted to go in. We wanted to go with a Westbrook Mexican Cake style beer. We added cocoa nibs, vanilla paste, cinnamon sticks, pasilla chilies, and ancho chilies.

Then we put all the ingredients into the cask and fill it with some fresh beer!