creature comforts anicca label
New Beer Alert: Creature Comforts Anicca
July 13, 2019
2019-US Open Beer Championship
Georgia Breweries Medal at 2019 US Open Beer Championship
July 14, 2019

New Beer Alert: Gate City MISC IPA



Gate City Brewing MISC IPA now available in their taproom and in market!

From Gate City:

Whether you are sitting around a campfire enjoying a drum circle or heading west on the Oregon Trail trying to avoid dysentery, MISC IPA will clear up your hazy brain and have you think about heading to Gate City in search of more of this classic style IPA.

Style: IPA
Flavor Profile: Citrus, Pine, Foral, Berry, Crisp, Clean
Hops: (M)osiac, (I)dahoe-7, (S)imcoe, & (C)ashmere
Availability: 12 oz Cans
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 55
How To Visit: Gate CIty Brewing is available on our Sippin’ in the Suburbs Tour Private Custom Tours