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January 12, 2020
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January 17, 2020

Three Taverns Quasimodo Returns For Winter

three taverns quasimodo bottled

Three Taverns Quasimodo returns for winter.

From the Three Taverns:

“Here at Three Taverns we believe it’s important to remember our roots while also looking ahead to the future and pressing ourselves creatively. We strive to balance these elements in the many beer offerings we produce each year.  A fundamental part of our roots lie in the tradition, reverence, and thoughtful dedication Belgian brewers of years past had for their beloved drink – beer. We began Three Taverns brewing beers in this style and one of our earliest offerings was Quasimodo, a 10% Belgian-style Quadrupel with rich flavors of dark fruit and a unique sweet, yet dry, finish. It’s sure to “ring your bell” fresh or years to come as it ages in the bottle. Quasimodo is a limited-time release that is now available in 4-pack, 12oz bottles, all throughout Georgia wherever fine beers are sold.”

“Quasimodo is inspired by the best of Belgium, specifically the brothers of the cloth devoted to the brewing arts. A classic, full-bodied quadrupel ale – for us, it is the measure of brewing perfection. Dark, savory and fruity, yet with a dry, bittersweet finish enhanced with traditional Belgian candy sugar, Quasimodo is dangerously drinkable. Re-fermented in the bottle and naturally carbonated, it can ring your bells now…or years from now.”

Style: Belgium Style Quad
Availability: 12 oz bottles
ABV: 10%
How To Visit:  Three Taverns is available on our Private Custom Tours and Sippin in the Suburbs Tours