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March 3, 2020
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March 10, 2020

SweetWater Goses Are Free – Dank Tank Series – New Beer Alert

sweetwater dank tank coconut lime gose

Here’s your first look at the new can design from SweetWater Brewing for Goses Are Free, coming out of the Dank Tank Series.


This beer was originally featured in The Woodlands, and appears it is now slated to graduate to a full production run in distribution. More details to come as they are released by SweetWater Brewing.

From the label:

Take a tart ale and put it in a tank. Cut a chunk of lime and coconut and take it to the bank. Add salt and coriander to really make it crank. Now you’ve got a beer that’s sounding pretty dank. But don’t forget that coconuts could kill you when they fall from the tree. Don’t believe the brewer when he tells you that goses are free.

You can find this beer at SweetWater’s taproom starting March 6, 2020. Will follow in to distribution market over the next couple of weeks

Style: Fruited Goses
Availability: 16 oz Cans
ABV: 4.8%

How To Visit: SweetWater Brewing is available on our Atlanta Brewery Tour: Full Pint, Brewery & Baseball  & Private Custom Tours