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Southern Beer Tour’s 4th Anniversary Cask

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Man how time flies! Four years ago we set out on our very first beer tour! Things have really changed in the state since 2014. We’ve gone from 18 breweries in the state to almost 80. With new breweries opening every few months it is an exciting time to be a part of the local beer community and connecting drinkers to our local brewers!

Every year on our anniversary we make a cask with SweetWater to celebrate. This cask will be pouring at our March 3rd tour. So come grab a pint!

We started with a beer off SweetWater’s pilot system that’s for an upcoming beer festival. It is an Imperial Stout that spent two years in a Basil Hayden Bourbon barrel and then refermented with Coconuts.

We then blended that coconut stout with the original beer straight out of the bourbon barrel. Unfortunately, Nick broke his auto siphon during this transfer.

Next, we added our ingredients to the cask. We went with hazelnuts and strawberry puree.Then Nick pitched SweetWater’s house culture of yeast and it was time to seal it up!

Now we patiently wait for March 3rd for this Imperial Bourbon Coconut Neapolitan Stout! You’ll find the chocolate influences from the dark malt and vanilla from the bourbon and coconut. See you then!