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August 16, 2019
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August 16, 2019

Monday Night Double Archipelago – New Beer Alert

Double Arch

Monday Night Brewing to releases the latest in their Black Tie Series, Double Archipelago

Double Arch

From Monday Night’s event:

This double IPA harkens back to one of our original releases from the Hop Hut. Double Archipelago is an unfiltered IPA that brings a taste of the tropics to the south. Hopped with Southern Passion, Vic Secret, Kohatu, Simcoe, El Dorado and more, this beer is a juice bomb of tropical flavors, including passionfruit and rockmelon.

Double Archipelago plays well with grilled foods, spicy cuisine, and fruity desserts.

Catch this one on draft and take it home in 4-packs

Style: Double IPA
Hops: Southern Passion, Vic Secret, Kohatu, Simcoe, El Dorado
Availability: 16 oz Cans
ABV: 8%

How To Visit: Monday Night Brewing is available on our Atlanta Brewery Tour: Full Pint & Private Custom Tours